Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Armature Construction.


I printed out the character to the size that I wanted, then measured lengths of copper wire which I twisted to fit the drawing. 

I gave Dozel pointed feet and attached one large and one small nut into each foot using thin wire, then securing with epoxy glue.

I wrapped copper wire round a washer for the hands, twisting wire for each of the fingers, then I attached the hand on to the arm with the excess wire and secured it in place with epoxy.

The armature so far.


I measured the armature to a drawing of Greedy, I gave him more rounded feet and attached two nuts in each foot as I did for the Dozel puppet.

I gave Greedy smaller hands and only three fingers instead of four as it suits his character to have tiny, 'food grabbing' hands.

Below is a test that I did using foam to cover wire. I used spray glue to sandwich the wire in between two pieces of foam, then I trimmed the foam down to the shape I needed.

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