Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Park Set Construction (Part Two)

I started by attaching a sheet of wire mesh (using a staple-gun) to the MDF I had previously cut. 

I used thin wire to fasten the flowers on to the mesh, then strengthened with epoxy glue.

I moulded coloured plasticine into cobbled, Celtic shapes to cover the mesh.

The plasticine gives an extra detail to the ground and also supports the flowers.

I arranged random tiles to break up the floor,

 I intend to fade out the lilac coloured plasticine to purple then blue, giving it more depth.

I bought some textured green paper which I stuck (using spray glue) on to the area around the park.

The Park Set so far....

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Animation Tests - Food Preparation

I did some tests of Dozel in the kitchen, preparing the food ready for the picnic.
Unfortunately the lighting is flickering, at first I assumed it was the actual lights. After changing them it still occurred and I have since found it to be a fault with the camera.