Monday, 9 July 2012

My Showreel

This is my latest showreel, displaying some of the best parts of my animations along to a piece of music that I love. (Vivaldi -Four Seasons. Winter)

Friday, 8 June 2012

Final Animation

My final third year animation about a picnic that gets sabotaged by a greedy monster.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Animation Poster

This is the A2 sized poster that I have made to advertise my animation.

Saturday, 19 May 2012


The editing is almost complete, I have booked the sound studio to record a few extra sound effects this week which I will then add to the animation. 
The decision that I made to use more varied camera angles has worked well and improved the visual appeal of the animation. I also made sure to zoom in and out, focussing on backgrounds then the character, adding more depth.
Here is a little sneak preview of one of the frames....

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Lighting and Animating

I focussed two lights either sides of the set and one spotlight facing upwards, bouncing light off the ceiling.

The animating is going well so far, I only have a small amount left to do before I move on to the editing.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Park Set Complete

I asked one of my second year assistants (Nicola) to get some red checkered material from a fabric shop in town, she managed to find exactly what I had asked for which was great.

I kept the two halves of the set separated so that they were easier to carry to the rig. Once I had positioned the set the way I wanted, I slotted the two halves back together, filling in any gaps with plasticine.

I bought a large piece of aeroply for the background, spray painted it white then lightly sprayed blue over the top to give a cloudy sky effect.

Below is a photo of Dozel arriving at the picnic site, Greedy is there already, eagerly awaiting food.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Park Set Construction (Part Two)

I started by attaching a sheet of wire mesh (using a staple-gun) to the MDF I had previously cut. 

I used thin wire to fasten the flowers on to the mesh, then strengthened with epoxy glue.

I moulded coloured plasticine into cobbled, Celtic shapes to cover the mesh.

The plasticine gives an extra detail to the ground and also supports the flowers.

I arranged random tiles to break up the floor,

 I intend to fade out the lilac coloured plasticine to purple then blue, giving it more depth.

I bought some textured green paper which I stuck (using spray glue) on to the area around the park.

The Park Set so far....

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Animation Tests - Food Preparation

I did some tests of Dozel in the kitchen, preparing the food ready for the picnic.
Unfortunately the lighting is flickering, at first I assumed it was the actual lights. After changing them it still occurred and I have since found it to be a fault with the camera. 

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Animation Tests

An animation test of Dozel walking into the kitchen.

Pigwig shuffling round the kitchen.

Puppet Fabrication (Complete)


Once the main body was cut to shape I inserted two metal circles into Dozel's stomach (for decoration), one copper and the other silver coloured.

I covered his feet in foam using spray glue, then cut round the shape. I did the same for his eyes and hands.


I spray glued some foam over Greedy's eyes and feet, then cut round the foam to shape it.


I glued a large metal nut into some soft foam for Pigwig's body, this would help when animating using magnets. I then shaped the foam using scissors to make his body shape, then glued his face on with epoxy.

I mixed acrylic and latex to paint the puppets.

Finished Puppets




I am extremely happy with how the puppets have turned out, the foam gives them a great texture, adding something extra to the shiny metal used.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Kitchen Set (Finished)

I found some bits of green plastic in my box of components, which luckily matched the kitchen tiles perfectly. I attached them as handles, to the cupboard doors and drawers.

Using epoxy, I glued metal nuts to the base of the kitchen counter as stands.

I found an image of a clock that I liked (multi-coloured clock below) which I used as a base for the kitchen wall clock.

Below is the finished kitchen set.

I arranged a selection of the picnic food on the worktop.

Below are some of the cakes, pizza slices and pieces of bread that Lily made.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Kitchen Set (Part One)

I chose Lily Goodchild, (one of my second year assistants) to help with the kitchen set, I had seen some of her work and knew it to be of a high standard. I asked her to do research into kitchen designs to start with, I immediately liked the images she found and asked her to do a few sketches from the ones I chose below.

One of Lily's sketches that I chose...

 She did a few colour variations to check how the units would match

We then took some photos of the basic set with a colour cut-out of Dozel in it to check what colour schemes would actually work.

I asked Lily to put the image into Photoshop and come up with a number of different colour schemes,

I chose the pale yellow and green colour combination, as it went well with Dozel's colouring and looked quite retro and quirky.

Once I had cut out the basic kitchen counter shape in pink foam and the worktop in MDF, Lily carved the counter into a nice rounded shape with a craft knife. She then covered it with poly-filler, sanded it, then painted it with acrylic.

She cut out shapes for the drawers and cupboards in card then painted them with the same pale yellow acrylic.


Finally sticking the shapes on using epoxy glue.

I did a few tests for the wall tiles using foam board which I drew on to, then scored along the lines.


I was not happy with how they looked as they reminded me of shiny bathroom tiles, I decided to use thin card instead and cut out light green squares which I then stuck on to a sheet of darker green card.

Below is a photo of Lily painting white dots on to a sheet of pale yellow card for the wallpaper, amazing patience I have to say!

 I am pleased with how well the yellow wallpaper and green tiles go together. 

The kitchen so far...