Thursday, 12 April 2012

Animation Tests - Food Preparation

I did some tests of Dozel in the kitchen, preparing the food ready for the picnic.
Unfortunately the lighting is flickering, at first I assumed it was the actual lights. After changing them it still occurred and I have since found it to be a fault with the camera. 


  1. Looks really good Miss Barnes, the animation runs real smooth. Some nice props there too, tres bien

  2. And as for the lighting... this happened to me and I realised it was the natural light coming through the window. Basically, I hadn't blocked it all off and as the sun went behind clouds etc the light levels changed and after taking each individual shot it made my animation look like some strobe light disco madness.

    1. Haha oh dear, yes I did think this, but I taped the blinds shut. It also happened in the tiny Stop Mo room too (the side with no window) so I am very confuzzled! :)