Sunday, 18 March 2012

Kitchen Set (Part One)

I chose Lily Goodchild, (one of my second year assistants) to help with the kitchen set, I had seen some of her work and knew it to be of a high standard. I asked her to do research into kitchen designs to start with, I immediately liked the images she found and asked her to do a few sketches from the ones I chose below.

One of Lily's sketches that I chose...

 She did a few colour variations to check how the units would match

We then took some photos of the basic set with a colour cut-out of Dozel in it to check what colour schemes would actually work.

I asked Lily to put the image into Photoshop and come up with a number of different colour schemes,

I chose the pale yellow and green colour combination, as it went well with Dozel's colouring and looked quite retro and quirky.

Once I had cut out the basic kitchen counter shape in pink foam and the worktop in MDF, Lily carved the counter into a nice rounded shape with a craft knife. She then covered it with poly-filler, sanded it, then painted it with acrylic.

She cut out shapes for the drawers and cupboards in card then painted them with the same pale yellow acrylic.


Finally sticking the shapes on using epoxy glue.

I did a few tests for the wall tiles using foam board which I drew on to, then scored along the lines.


I was not happy with how they looked as they reminded me of shiny bathroom tiles, I decided to use thin card instead and cut out light green squares which I then stuck on to a sheet of darker green card.

Below is a photo of Lily painting white dots on to a sheet of pale yellow card for the wallpaper, amazing patience I have to say!

 I am pleased with how well the yellow wallpaper and green tiles go together. 

The kitchen so far...

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  1. It is really coming together now. Looking good!