Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Prop and Park Set Construction

Here is a picture of me busy working on more plants and trees for the Park Set. I have used a variety of coloured wire of different thicknesses, components, buttons, buckles, etc, as you can see in the picture below.

Below are some of the trees I am testing out, some of the smaller ones will have extra items hanging off them such as beads and cogs.

In between making props I have started work on the Park Set. I drew the layout across two pieces of A1 card then cut out the shapes and drew round them on to a sheet of 5mm MDF. 
I have also cut a sheet of wire mesh to the area where the flowers and trees will be, this is so that I can tie them down on to the mesh then staple the mesh to the base.

Flower Props.

Below are a few flowers that Lily, Nicola and Joel made. I spoke to each of them about particular ones that I would like more of, and discussed a few changes such as extra wire to strengthen the stems and stop the flower heads from wobbling.

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